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Hide Away Safe
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Hide Away Safe
Available in two sizes and two types of High Security Locks,
for details about each please refer to our Web Site
or contact us (both links open in a new window).

  Abloy Classic Lock Abloy PROTEC Lock
mk2 (smaller) Type Qty Type Qty
Deluxe Safe
Cash Safe
Caravan Safe
Clinic Safe
Data Backup Safe
Data Security Safe
Handgun Safe N/A
Passport Safe
Retail Safe
Slot on one side.
Travel Safe
mk3 (larger) Type Qty Type Qty
Laptop Safe
Weapon Safe N/A

Shroud and Cable

Shroud and Cable designed for vehicles that cannot have a Vehicle Fixing Kit installed in them or for people who prefer to have a high security mobile solution to secure their Hide Away Safe in that can be quickly removed from one Vehicle and secured into another Vehicle without having to physically install anything. In fact you can secure the Hide Away Safe anywhere there is a solid item to wrap the Cable round.

NB: The price of a Shroud and Cable does not include a Docking Station. A Docking Station is included with each Safe sold. Additional ones can be purchased separately, see Option Extras further down this page.

Shroud and Cable - mk2 (smaller) Type Qty  

Shroud and Cable - mk3 (larger) Type Qty  

Vehicle Fixing Kit - VFK

NB: The price of a Vehicle Fixing Kit does not include a Docking Station. A Docking Station is included with each Safe sold. Additional ones can be purchased separately, see Option Extras further down this page.

VFK - mk2 (smaller) Type Qty  

VFK - mk3 (larger) Type Qty  

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Optional Extras

Note: Extra Docking Stations purchased and delivered with mk2 (smaller) or mk3 (larger) Safe are 30% off the RRP price. A second Docking Station allows you secure the Hide Away Safe in another location eg. Home to Work, Home to Car.

Type Qty  
Extra mk2 Docking Station   
Extra mk3 Docking Station   
Foldback Handle 
for mk2 only. 
Can be fixed to the left, front
or right side. We will contact
you to ask the position.


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